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Glass Resurfacing – Professional Scratched Glass Repair

22 Jan

Glass resurfacing removes scratches from glass. Usually glass scratch removal is needed when tempered glass is scraped with razors by window cleaners. Most glass restoration equipment and scratched glass removal systems are not designed for glass resurfacing. They usually will leave haze and swirls because of incomplete polishing of the glass. Some will also create distortion from trying to polish the glass over and over and over trying to remove the swirls and haze.
Many fail to realize the glass polishing mixture and polishing pads must be complimentary and polish glass effectively and quickly.
We know of only one company that has an optimized glass restoration system from premium sanding or abrading discs to swirl free pre-polishing discs to the fastest non diamond polishing materials that can polish the glass quickly but also completely remove fabricating debris scratches in one step!
To find out more on where to purchase glass restoration supplies and scratched glass removal equipment, please return often.